Located in the center of Santa Elena Bar Amigos is very popular with local Costa Ricans (or Ticos as they are more commonly known). In addition to drinks, they also offer a new and improved restaurant menu offering “bocas” (light snacks), tacos, hamburgers, casados (typical Costa Rican dish) pasta and other tasty main dishes. There is definitely some magic going on in this kitchen!

During the day there is more of a relaxed atmosphere with satellite TV and Latin music. Then from 7pm onwards it starts to liven up. In the evening in addition to the food which is served until 11pm there is sometimes live music or a dj and there is always a HUGE dance floor where you can get your groove on. Every Wednesday there is kareoke and you are sure to have a good laugh! If you like to play pool then there is an area downstairs with 4 pool tables, which is open until 12am.

Price Range: $5 – $15

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00pm – 2:00am